When planning a large party or gathering, most of us focus on preparing the menu, and may hire a catering company to assist in the process. While it is easy to jump straight into discussing the cuisine and dishes that you would like to add to the menu, many of us forget to think about the quality of food we will be serving our guests. This is why we are excited to see more and more catering companies offer organic catering options, especially for customers who are health-conscious and would like to maintain good eating habits even when they are attending or hosting social events. So the next time you are planning a big celebration or event, make sure to do some research and find the local caterers that offer organic menus. You will be glad you spent the extra time to find these specialty caterers, and so will your guests – organic food always tastes better!

Nowadays the convenience and affordability of fast food, junk food, or processed foods from the western diet can make it hard to maintain healthy eating habits. We all know eating well-balanced and nutritional meals is good for our overall health. However, there are a lot of benefits from consuming a healthy diet that are rarely discussed. If you talk to a few health nuts who used to have horribly toxic diets, they will all tell you that they experienced the following after switching to a healthy diets:

More Energy

Better Mood

More Mental Clarity & Focus

Stronger Immune System (Less Colds / Flu)

Better Sleep

Whenever it comes to throwing a party, it is easy to just order pizza or go to the first grocery store you see and buy the usual junk foods and sodas we all know and love. But for those of us who are a little more health-conscious and looking to impress our guests, more planning and preparation needs to take place beforehand. Convenience is always key in this day and age, but that does not mean we have to sacrifice healthy eating habits in the process. So the next time you are throwing a huge bash, here are some tips and tricks to add healthier foods to the menu:

  • Find Healthy Food Substitutes – With so many new diets and food trends springing up everywhere nowadays, many food manufacturers and chefs are coming out with healthier substitutes for a lot of party foods. Looking for a cake? Head to a bakery that makes sugar-free, low carb, or gluten-free cakes. Just looking to order a pizza? There are many delicious low carb or gluten-free pizza options nowadays. It just takes a little more time to find these options, but once you find the stores or restaurants with foods that are both delicious and good for your waistline, it’s much easier to make party planning a healthy habit.

  • Mix in Healthy Food Options – When organizing a last-minute get-together it can be challenging to make sure every single dish, snack or drink is super healthy. However, it is still relatively easy to mix in some affordable and low calorie options for you and your guests. For example, a bowl of fruit or nuts is filling and can be integrated into any type of gathering. Make sure there is plenty of water or apple cider for your guests to balance out all the alcohol you will be serving. Add in some light veggie appetizers if the main course will be heavy and induce food coma. The options are endless if you take some time to plan ahead.

  • Hire a Caterer That Offers Custom Menus – If you are willing to spend a little more money for the added convenience, working with a catering company will make healthy party planning much easier. Many catering businesses are willing to work closely with their customers to design a custom menu for special events. This is a great opportunity to identify some healthy dishes for your caterer to prepare specifically for your party. Caterers usually have a lot of connections to other suppliers and vendors in the food and food service industry that can offer bulk or bundle discounts, so take advantage of your caterer’s connections to plan the perfect healthy party.

If you plan your parties with these tips in mind, your health-conscious guests will appreciate the effort and show up to your get-togethers all year round.